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We provide mobility operators with a complete solution to launch dockless ebike business
and create a fleet that is secured, sustainable and profitable.

Who we are

eBikeLabs is a pioneer in providing the first independent technology platform for mobility operators willing to design smart fleets with affordable ebike. Our unique technology relies on a proprietary smart controller, top notch bike market and drive system expertises that deliver an ultimate remote anti-theft and 24/7 connected maintenance service. Since 2015, we empower mobility operators with the latest innovative technology and unique bike-sharing expertise across the globe.

Quickly launch your fleet

We have all the tools and resources in place to assist you to launch your ebike fleet in less than 6 months. Our experts will provide you consulting on everything you need: ebike specifications, bike-sharing best practices and contacts with the industry.

Secure your investments

Safe fleet and riders are key points of success when running an ebike sharing business. With our innovative technology you are in a good hands: we’ll secure both - your bikes and your clients.

Make it profitable

Thanks to our high-end technology your business will work clockwork while cutting the overhead costs. Now get ready to focus on big picture things that go into running a successful dockless ebike business!

ebikelabs' boss - our Ebike R&D Guru
eBikeLabs was built on the belief that Cycling Revolution transforms the urban mobility and will arise with eBike sharing. We strongly believe that smart technologies for ebikes and right partnerships are the keys to make it happen Mael BOSSON, CEO


eBikeLabs wireless connectivity allows a complete fleet operating from a simple smartphone. As a Bikeshare Manager you can decide to adapt the power of any bike of the fleet

with ebikelabs you take control over your drive system
connected maintenance is not an option


eBikeLabs smart controller opens new way of envisioning Bike Maintenance and prevent troubleshooting. Our technology makes available a remote diagnosis of each electrical parts of your bikes.


Bike-theft is a real issue in most of our cities. eBikeLabs controller allows you to instantly lock any bike of the fleet.

the ultimate anti-theft wheel-blocking system
ebike's battery is worth to save and maintain


An important part of your investment comes from the battery cost, servicing or replacement. eBikeLabs extends the Bike manager’s power of control on the batteries settings and state of health.


Users Smart data analysis allows you to innovate and dynamise your actual ebike fleet with new features.

ebikelabs use cases a path to your bike scheme success

eBikeLabs solution sets a new standard in eBikeFleet profitability.

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