One Powerful Internet of Bicycles Platform

How it works

Starting your ebike fleet from scratch?

Thanks to our all-in-one and innovative solution, launch your ebike fleet in as little as 6 months and per your budget. Our team of experts will support you through every step of your journey.

Ready to go on the next level?

If you are already a player on the market and want to accelerate your dockless ebike business, take advantage of our custome tailored solution and choose those products and services that make sense for your business.

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eBikeLabs IoB platform is the first complete technology solution which includes smart motor controller, connectivity and software to empower mobility operators to launch and share the fleet that is secured, reliable and profitable.

eBikeLabs provides the first connected motor controller for ebike fleet operators

The controller is somehow the brain of the electric bicycle. Its functions include engine control, centralization of sensor information, direct operations on other component

eBikeLabs innovates with the first open connected controller pursuing the regular functions of your existing controller but also includes bidirectional communication with our IoT platform

Our controllers integrate patented proprietary motor control technologies developed in our laboratory. We put technology at the service of reliability, efficiency and user-friendliness.

Algorithms, Smart data analysis and cloud computing associated applications in order to deliver brand new features aiming at make easier the operations of middle to large scale ebike sharing systems.

How it works ?

After a deep analysis of your operational needs, we will develop a specific version of our controller matching with your actual bike specifications. Once manufactured, the controllers will be seamlessly integrated into your existing drive/battery system.

eBikeLabs solution can be implemented in virtually any ebike sharing system
and does not require any additional device on the bikes.

Our controller and services make it possible

electric bikes predictive corrective maintenance
24/7 Maintenance monitoring
remote diagnosis is time and money saver
Electrical parts self diagnostic
Bike battery predictive & corrective maintenance from a cell phone
Battery check without expensive bench